Dumps With Pin / Dumps+Pin / ATM cash out 

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We sell:

* USA/Canada Track2 dumps with pin ( track2 dumps with pin selling).

Price: $70 per one !

Minimal order 5 pcs.

Dumps come track2 + pin. 220 code ( cash out in ATM + you can shop on pos with pin ).

It comes like: 4648088308408427=170522018363510 PIN:4353

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New service from verified vendor.

Jabber me: valhallov7@xmpp.jp

How to use jabber ? How to contact me at jabber ?

1. Reegister jabber account if u don't have: https://www.xmpp.jp/signup?lang=en
2. Download safety jabber client: https://safetyjabber.com/download.php
3. Add your jabber acount u have registered at point 1 to xmpp section of safety jabber client you've downloaded and installed at point 2.
4. Go online and add me in your contact list. Message me.